A New Way For A New World

DOJO/KUN to come soon HQ Dojo in Niagara Falls NY)

YOKATAI is a synthetic fusion system of 4 systems and one spacific philosophy. Using battle entry Martial Arts strategies to find solutions to the modern day fight. This helps you to gain entry to the fight, and initiate dominance over your opponent, is the entire focus of Yokatai. There is no fight system like it anywhere in the world.

YOKATAI was created with historical war strategies as the guide to find its foundation as a new and improved way of fighting. It's class and way are unique to itself and natural to the world. From the Shaolin temple to Okinawa, the Samurai, Taijutsu, the greeks, even the viking age, many brought value to the discovery of Yokatai. The Goal is to pass this combined effort of knowledge to you.

In North America we have a most well rounded variety available, to adapt the facets within our presence. Yokatai restores some of the grit lost to Martial Arts hundreds of years ago. Overwhelming power. Intelligence, explosiveness, and an unrelenting fight volume are major things on wich this system focuses.

 Forging you in that moment of intensity, skill, and with a fight density thats brutal in nature, is no longer a thing of the past. From East to West, the focus on strategy is changing. No aspect of the fight is ignored here. Every Martial art can benefit fom Yokatai principals and philosophies, wholly and individually.

Yokatai is creating 1 family for all systems of Martial Arts. From Yokatai to you, we wish you the best, and we look forward to working with you soon, whare ever you are.

(ATTN: Due to current events, Yokatai will carefully resume expantion projects. You have our prayers during this time of violence, and uncertainty. Updates will come soon. At the moment, for personal in home training, be sure to reach out. It will add value to your life - "YOKATAI