(ATTN: Due to current events, YOKATAI is halting further expansion. For safety and position, YOKATAI will resume expansion projects at a later date. You have our prayers during this time of violence, and uncertainty. Updates will come soon. For personal in home training, be sure to reach out. It may save your life. TRAIN HARD- YOKATAI.)

YOKATAI is a fusion system, using synthetic strategies to for entry and dominance over your opponent. Physical balance, spiritual and psychological programing is the focus, and helps achieve reality based P2P combat mastery.

YOKATAI was developed with historical philosophies in mind, war tactics, and modern knowledge of world influences, like MMA and Jujitsu.

The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Vikings, the Samurai, have gained this same knowledge, that YOKATAI looks to resurrect. To make you self aware and prepare you to overwhelm your apparent with sheer volume intelligence, explosiveness, and unrelenting power.

With the most comprehensive Martial knowladge; YOKATAI is a fusion system, bult for modern society, from the brutality of the old world; by capturing the true position of the fight, and forging you in that moment, with fire and intensity and skill to decimate your opponent.

The mind of Yokatai is can't be understood by just anyone It's like a hurricane blowing away a continent. 

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