*The kobex is the insignia which identifies Yokatai as a universal combatives system uprooted from Earth's history, not a culture, and made for the world*

Yokatai offers a short range of training for adults of all ages. We will establish the right training needed to tap into your combat ability, and make you more dangerous then you've ever been. 

Lets be real! Of you want to train karate then train Karate, if something else, go for it.Yokatai is not for those who believe they have already found it, becuas YOKAYAI enhances all systems.

There are universal principles which weaponize your fighting ability, enhancing your strength and power, using fine tuned adjustments to turn you into this, a sentient Kobex warrior.

Spiritual applications of Yokatai are only experienced. However, power, confidence, strength and knowledge will be yours. You will never feel more free within. The beauty and power of the universe is within you.

Now, is the world of YOKATAI.

You will receive a safety run-down on what to expect. Yokatai is a warrior system, built to breed warriors. Remember that. Let's begin!

(Online training coming soon)***

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